Meet B

The Creator Behind The Brand
EST. 2018

The main objective of this lifestyle brand being about empowerment specifically geared toward the hottest fashion trends in the industry. This accessible luxury brand offers premium fashionable eyewear, designer handbags and chic apparel that is hard to ignore. 

The Founder of CLUTCH™ by B

Brittany, the founder of Clutch™ by B, was most inspired by her father who was also an entrepreneur himself. She had extensive exposure to how a business was ran and understood that a business doesn’t build its success overnight. She knew she had to earn her own living and had no issue putting in the necessary work to push through to achieve her wildest dreams. With over a decade of hard work, patience, and ambition, she no longer continues to just persevere in the fashion industry — but now continues to thrive in it.

Clutch™ by B understands that without its loyal and fashion forward customers, it simply would cease to meet its true potential. Customers play an essential part in any business, but to provide them with quality they deserve is an essential part in Clutch™ by B. From our attentive support, to the level of quality in our products, Clutch™ by B conducts our business in a manner that reflects positively on the brand to create a positive experience for our customers. Because of this, our customers can expect to see Clutch™ by B hit the shelves of their favorite boutiques soon enough!

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